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First artist to use a Tattoo Machine on ceramics!
Tattooing clay dragon to left...
Ceramic Tattoo Art Gallery
Tattoo Vases
Dragon Urn
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Actual Tattoo
Tattooed Ceramic
$19.95 for the Tattoo Coloring Book and ONLY .99 Cents per page digital download
I am a Ceramist and have been playing in clay now for about 20 years. My name is Matthew
S. Kennedy and I am the first artist to use a Tattoo Machine on ceramics. I am creating
original tattoo flash inspired drawings. I have always wanted to draw my own tribal tattoo
designs and this is my interpretation of that. I think it is a unique way to present them.

FREE Shipping. You can buy the whole
Neo Tribal Coloring Book for $19.95 or buy one
digital download page for only .99 Cents a piece.

10% of all sales proceeds of this coloring book will go to my charity:
Hit me up on Facebook - The Coloring Pages Group and send me a picture of the
coloring page you have done. I love to see what others have colored :)
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Tattoo Flash inspired Coloring Book for sale now on Etsy
Website Last Updated - August 11, 2015
I drop a liquid acrylic paint and water colors into the tattoo markings. It is really cool
because the dry clay just grabs the ink and sucks it up into the design.
I saw him in the Darth Garb
online and thought I would
make this piece for him.
If anyone should get a tattoo of one of my designs please let me know
and I will post the picture and give you a FREE Coloring Book
Tattoo Design #37
Tattoo Design #38
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Only $19.95 for 31 pages of original
tattoo inspired flash designs by
Matthew S. Kennedy
"Color for Balance"
I named this first coloring book "Color for Balance". I named it this because it has given me so much
balance and serenity in my life. It is amazing how one simple act of sitting down and JUST
focusing on coloring, one thing like this can change your whole day!

This Coloring Book has helped so many people so far... People e-mail me from all over the world and
say things like:  "I have a hard time finding adult coloring books near me and I found yours and
LOVE it! It has helped me though my surgery". I LOVE the fact that this book is helping people!!!
This coloring book is also helping me by creating it for you, I am making about 3-5 coloring designs
a week so check back often as I update the website about every day. You can also follow my "Color
for Balance"
Blog and other social media to see new designs as they come out.
How I Like to Color :)
Matthew S. Kennedy, Ceramic Artist
Phone:  951-305-1027
Website Designed by Matthew S. Kennedy
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Boobies  Rack #1
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