Depeche Mode Rose Urn
Tribal Fire Urn
Abstract Tribal Urn
Matthew S. Kennedy, Ceramic Artist
Address:  1105 W. Chase Ave. #45
San Diego, California  92020
Phone:  805-765-1113
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Custom, Handmade Art Urns by Matthew S. Kennedy
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Black/White Aztec Style Urn
Japanese Dragon Urn
Tribal Red Urn
Black and Red Tribal Urn
Aztec Style Urn
Tribal Cats Eye Urn
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Japanese Tiger Urn
Tribal Hawk Urn
Other custom "Pet Urns" I have created for my clients
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Hummingbird Urn
Irish (Shamrock) Urn
Celtic Cross Urn
"Art Urns" Hand crafted ceramic Cremation Urns for people that have lost a loved one. It
gives such a special meaning to my art and what I am creating. I have had some of the
most wonderful spiritual experiences making custom cremation urns for my personal
reverence from this. I have also made some life long friends in the process.
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Tribal Lyon Urn
Butterfly Urn
TooTall's Signature Tribal
Ceramic Cremation Urns
This is a Breast Cancer Urn that I
made for a good friend of mine.
Spiritual Experience
I make my "Art Urns" because it seems to
be a calling. I am very grateful and honored
to be able to use my talents to help people
feel comforted. It brings be great pleasure
and I would say nothing less than a "spiritual
Experience" to be able to do this for my

If you would like to work together on a
custom one of a kind art urn for your loved
one give me a call:  (805)-765-1113 or
Breast Cancer Urn
Coy Fish Urn
Japanese Tiger Urn
This is a cremation Urn that I created for my best friend Chris. He past
away a few years ago and I miss him very much!
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Actual Tattoo
Tattooed Ceramic
"Copper Adventure Urn"
Ceramic Tattoo Art Inspiration
I was watching the TV Show called Miami Ink when it first aired and I thought to myself why can't I
apply that to my ceramic art? It was on like Donkey Kong from that point. I really have a great
respect for the art of tattooing and while my artwork is totally different from a tattoo artist I hope
that it gives the industry the respect it deserves.
Tattooing on a Ceramic Wall Hanging
Japanese Dragon Urn
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Completion Time
It usually takes between 2-3 weeks to complete a piece if not in stock.
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