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Click HERE to view the Ceramic Tattoo Art process...
First artist to use a tattoo machine on ceramics!
Tattooing clay dragon to left...
Ceramic Tattoo Art Gallery
Call for Pricing 951-305-1027 or
Call for Pricing 951-305-1027 or
Call for Pricing 951-305-1027 or
Bryan Blaha
Tattoo Inspired Jewelry
Fine Art
More Modeling Friends...
Below are Artists/Subjects that inspire me. I really respect every artists work on this website.
I hope you enjoy the links below and if you would like to be listed on this website let me know 951-923-6393
or e-mail:
Digital Art/Illustrations/Fantacy Art
Singer Song Writers
Tattoo Artists
Curvy Gorgeous Models
Mirella Santana
Deb's Fantasy World
Carlos Ortega
Esra Røise
Garv's Girls
Serge Birault
My Personal Adventures...
The Santa Barbara Zoo :)
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My "Vision Board"
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Music that ROCKS!
Father John Misty
Gary Clark Jr
A Thousand Horses
Brendan MacFarlane
Youngblood Hawke
Chris Buck
Cool Social Shit of the Day!
Matthew S. Kennedy, Ceramic Artist
Phone:  951-923-6393
Website Designed by Matthew S. Kennedy
10% of all Internet sales proceeds minus
expenses are going to my charity below:
California Homeless Resources
Greg 'CRAOLA' Simkins
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Call for Pricing 951-923-6393 or
Sea Horse
Random Shit
Street Art
Tattooed Ladies
Samoyed My Dog
Tattoos #19
Boobies #16
Random Shit #1
Street Art 1
Tattooed Ladies #1
samoyed #1
Tattoos #20
Boobies #17
Tattoos #21
Tattoos #22
Tattoos #23
Custom Dragon
Cremation Urn
Call for Pricing 951-305-1027 or
Curvy Ladies
Random Shit
      Steampunk #1
California Homeless Resources
Is going to try and partner with
the Kid Rock foundation.
I can't stop the war, shelter homeless, feed the poor.
I can't walk on water. Can't save your sons and daughters. I can't change
the world to make things fair. This is the least that I can do. The Kid Rock
Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit raising funds for and awareness of
local and regional charities helping disadvantaged children, victims of war
and natural disasters, and those suffering from illness.
I personally am a HUGE fan of Kid Rock. Listening to his music while creating this site kept me
pumped and going while I was going through my personal journey. He is a great example of someone
"doing there part". I want to do my part as well and that is why I made this site and why I want to start
a program:  
"Sponsor a Homeless Veteran" I will sponsor one Veteran a month, getting them a
Cell Phone, Resume, P.O. Box, etc... Try and help them get back on there feet.
Kid Rock - Care ft. T.I. & Angaleena Presley [Music Video]